Optimizing Concrete and Rebar detailing, for greater quality and accuracy.

Our organization specializes in providing complete detailing and estimation services for Rebar and Concrete projects to Structural Engineers, General Contractors, Concrete Contractors, and Rebar Fabricators.

Solutions for Reinforced Concrete and Rebar

Our Concrete Rebar Detailing Service Includes

Rebar Modeling

Rebar Detailing

Leveraging the latest 3D technology, Endproc’s team of highly skilled rebar detailers construct sophisticated reinforced concrete structures with precision.

From modelling to detailing, our structural rebar services adhere to both company and industry regulations while providing a LOD 400 model.

Not only does this allow us to provide clients with accurate shop drawings for installation, but it also streamlines the entire process.

Precast Concrete Detailing

Accurately designing precast concrete components for buildings requires the assistance of precast detailing services.

As precast detailers we create clear plans and sketches to ensure construction runs as intended, reducing any potential mistakes. We produce accurate fabrication and shop details for wall panels, flat slabs, columns, beams, and stairs.

Our precast detailing services cover industrial, commercial, and residential structures.

Precast Detailing
Tilt-Up Panel Construction

Tilt-up Panels Detailing

Precast tilt-up panels are typically employed as a major construction component for Commercial Buildings, forming the walls of warehouses and industrial units; panels are cast on the ground and hoisted once set.

For installation, each panel must have all necessary connections to attach the steel framework. This is why detailing structural steel and tilt-up panels together in a coordinated model, has clear advantages to make sure every component is placed accurately.

At Endproc we provide a combined steel and tilt-up panels detailing services.

Get Detailed and Accurate Documentation

Fabrication and erection deliverables are obtained directly from a fully detailed 3d model. Model-driven revisions automatically synchronizes all required documents and data, guaranteeing that all outputs are updated and current.

Deliverables include:

  • Rebar shop drawings

  • Rebar 3D model

  • Bar listing in ASA format

  • Bar bending schedules (BBS)

  • Quantity take-offs (BOM)

Take advantage of our expertise

Our standardized processes and quality control procedures enable you to acquire value and reap the rewards of working with sharable data-rich 3d models and gain the added advantage of our knowledgeable personnel and dependable support.

  • Accurate rebar detailing

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Compliance with industry standards

  • Rigorous Quality Control

steel structure construction

Streamlining the detailing process of reinforced concrete for maximum efficiency.