A structured approach that dramatically increases efficiency

Integrated Design Detailing is a methodology that accelerates construction by developing detailed fabrication 3d models when the structure is being designed by structural engineers.

This approach yields savings on costs and reductions on schedules.

A typical project worked under Integrated Design Detailing can be completed at 30% to 40% of the time it would be required under traditional detailing that starts after the fabrication contract has been awarded.

The Engineering company that holds the design contract deals directly with us, we start working when design is about 50%, in this way it is possible to have accurate material reports and detailed erection diagrams at the bidding stage.

When a fabricator is selected, we customized drawings to the fabricator standards and released a custom fabrication package.

Integrated Design Detailing brings benefits for the overall project

  • Costs Savings

  • Improvements on schedules

  • Accurate fabrication quotes

  • Accurate construction quotes

See how Integrated Design Detailing improves schedules

As we said before, starting steel detailing early causes a huge positive impact on the project schedule among other key project indicators,

See below a typical schedule for a 200 tons project, comparing Integrated design Detailing, a design-build approach, with traditional Steel Detailing that starts when the fabricator has been selected and the fabrication contract awarded.

Project Schedule

Integrated Design Detailing delivers benefits for project stakeholders


  • Anticipated revenue generation as the building can be built sooner

  • More accurate quotes from contractors, as quotes are based on actual material reports and erection drawings

  • Significant improvements on project schedule.

Endproc Building Owner
Endproc Design Engineers


  • Steel RFIs are managed and resolved during design phase

  • Control of the detailing Contract

  • No delays resolving issues when the design drawings have been released to fabricators.


  • Improvement in quotes accuracy due to complete information regarding materials

  • Other disciplines can use the¬† model to accommodate mechanical, electrical and plumbing components

  • Improvements on schedules results in lower costs

Endproc Steel Contractor
Endproc Steel Fabricators


  • Quotes can be more accurate and competitive as they are based on actual constructible model and bill of materials

  • It is no necessary to manage RFIs for detailing

  • Fabrication can start after 5 days the contract is awarded, faster delivery means more business

Brochure Integrated Design Detailing

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